Laura Dawson graduated from the University of Cincinnatiís college of

Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a degree in Fashion Design. 

Before establishing her own line, she worked for Donna Karanís Urban

Zen and for As Four. She has styled and designed for Moby, The Scissor

Sisters, The Brazilian Girls and Yelle.


The focus now is directed toward her design which features her

signature quirky style fused with innovation. The collection was

founded in 2003 in New York. As of 2009, the design office operates in

London, while retaining production and sales in New York. 


The designerís philosophy in her own words:


ďBeauty, after all, requires playfulness. With my collection, I am

making toys for life, in a game that one never has to stop

playing. Form and function are united for objects that are at once

edgy and trustworthy.


Using sustainable materials, organic sources, fair trade and tree-

focused carbon offset programs, the collection delivers

innovative, collectible pieces."